On average 64% of website traffic comes from search engines, which means it’s not only icing on the cake but a crucial ingredient in marketing your business.

SEO tailored for your business

Ranking in top spots in Google search can bring a tremendous amount of business if you are ranking for the right keywords. Because people search for services all the time. Non stop. Every second 40,000 searches are made in Google alone.

We start each SEO project with a blank sheet of paper and working to meet your company's exact goals. Our professionals will begin by carefully analysing your site, content and backlink profile to identify the areas for improvement.

After the analysis our team will find the keywords that best describe your business and bring targeted traffic that will be interested in what you have to offer.

We will impliment the SEO recommendations to your site or let you do it yourselves if you are comfortable to do it on your own. In every step we are happy to help to make sure you get the most from our tailored service.

Perhaps you've heard, but SEO is a long-term approach, which means our team will be
continually monitoring and weighing you against the competition to make sure you stay on top and don't let anyone else take your piece of pie.

Our team will always use the latest techiques and stay up to date with new trends to keep your positions in healthy spots.

Why choose us?

The days are gone when adding content stuffed with keywords to your website would get you a great ranking in the Google search results. Now, your site can even be penalised by Google for using certain ‘black hat’ SEO tactics.

Today the focus is on engaging content, increasing the average amount of time users spend on the website and improving overall user experience.

Our experts, based in Surbiton, London, use the best, most up-to-date SEO practices to make sure that your site is optimised and climbing the search engine rankings confidently.

What we do at a glance

  • Full campaign creation and management
  • Your campaign monitored and improved on a daily basis
  • Keyword research
  • Live reports and dashboard
  • Competition research and analysis
  • Campaign A/B testing

Our SEO services

  • Essential SEO
  • £350
    per month*
  • SEO Plan Development
  • 3 Keyword Targeting
  • On-Site SEO Optimisation
  • Monthly Link Building (Basic)
  • Live Reports
  • Full SEO + Digital PR
  • £890
    per month*
  • SEO Plan Development
  • 6 High Volume Keyword Targeting
  • On-Site SEO Optimisation
  • Monthly Link Building (Full)
  • Promotion in Digital Press
  • Custom Reports
* Minimum contract term is 3 months. All prices are exclusive of VAT. 

What our client's say

New Window Marketing demonstrated a high level of commitment, dedication, ability and skill towards achieving our new company's marketing objectives. - Claire / Ordered Company Limited