Social Media Management

Social Media is an essential channel which can be used to communicate with your company customers, promote goods and just being part of a community where you want your brand to shine.

Managing your social media while you do business

Ever felt like you want to do social media but don't have the time or expertise? Most of our clients say just that - and we are here to help.

At New Window Marketing we will post on your behalf and create post calendars that will align with your campaigns, promotions and goals. Our experienced social media team will respond quickly to any customer engagement with your brand to ensure your followers feel included and taken care of.

Outsourcing your social media marketing activity to us will help you optimise your accounts as trends are constantly changing and your brand needs to be kept looking fresh and approachable to your existing and potential customers.

To ensure you are not only active on social media but also create new business, we will review the past performance of your posts on regular basis and find creative ways to gain more followers for your company's profile.

Be active in

Why choose us?

Here at New Window Marketing, our team of experts are fully specialised in all things social and digital marketing.

With campaign concept, multi-channel management, web development, branding and digital marketing all carried out in-house, our team have the expertise to integrate your social media seamlessly into your existing marketing activities that will give you that extra advantage.

We are always committed to give you a fair price to fit your budget and needs, therefore, our social media plans are fully flexible up and down to suit your exact needs.

What we do at a glance

  • Create a social media strategy and plan
  • Manage your social media accounts on a daily basis
  • Post on your behalf
  • Continuously optimise accounts for best performance
  • Engage with your audience or send you important communications directly

What our client's say

At first we were worried if New Windows would have the capacity to deal with our social media but despite their small team they provided a service much better than some of the big agencies out there! - Jessica Bond / BDM Solutions